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Chiappa Little Badger 22lr

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Product Description

Chiappa Little Badger 22lr

Single barrel foldable rifle, extremely light for the most comfortable carry.

Folds to 16.5" total length. Adjustable rear sight.

Available accessories: nylon carry-bag, special cartridge holder.

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Product Reviews

  1. Fun and Utility - No More, No Less 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2015

    I bought the Chiappa (KEY-APPA) Little Badger at first sight.

    It is a light and uncomplicated firearm with no pretense of being anything more than a very simple, break-open, single-shot .22 (choice of LR or Magnum). In addition to the survivalist bent, it is perfect for a (young) beginner.

    The minimalist utility appealed to me initially but soon realized it was going to experience a makeover - effectively abandoning its initial merits. In a sense, it begs for 'customization' - like a Ruger 10/22.

    There are some aspects that actually need improvement - most notably, in my opinion, the sights. They work but they're plastic/nylon, limited in adjustment and are not suited to survive much abuse or mishandling. A red/green dot or low power (4x) scope would be an alternative or, if you can rig it up, better (flip) iron sights. A hammer attachment can be purchased (or made) to extend to either side if a scope - projecting rearward - is attached.

    Other things that immediately get your notice are the length of pull and cheek weld given the compact design but they're not showstoppers at all (I'm of average height/build) and are 'in proportion' to the rest of the firearm. The wire buttstock can be extended but not by much (~2-3 cm) and there's an index marking the limit.

    The trigger is light with no slop. The action breaks open easily and closes positively with no subsequent looseness. I found the cartridge storage on the wire buttstock a nice enough idea but removed it since it wasn't the most reliable method of storing rounds, i.e., the capture is exposed and not very tight. There is a short 11 mm picatinny rear of the trigger guard and I added a 20 mm adapter to accept a modified MagPul foregrip (a pistol grip if you will). Chiappa offers a weird, cylindrical 'grip' (with cleaning apparatus inside) that projects downward from a threaded point on this rail but that had no chance of winning my interest.

    The (quad) picatinny rails are plastic but of proper width (20 mm) so will accept many accessories readily - they're about 10 cm in length. The muzzle tip is 1/2-28 threaded for a flash hider/compensator (or adapter) but that that seems unnecessary to me. Having said that, I did rig up a pseudo-suppressor but, unless you're using subsonic ammo it doesn't provide much purpose. A plastic thread protector comes stock and you can upgrade to an aftermarket knurled/metal one if you wish.

    The included carry case/pack is light duty but fits the folded Badger in its stock, folded configuration. It could be reinforced in a couple of places, e.g., backing where the webbings attach. However, taking the Badger down one degree further by unscrewing the pivot pin (vs. folding at same) can open up other storage possibilities.

    As mentioned, I couldn't leave well enough alone and I added a number of picatinny rails/extensions and attachments, e.g., compact bipod, sights (both red dot and iron), a 1000D cordura pouch (storage) fixed to the wire stock, QD attachment in place of the pivot screw, etc. Some folks wrap portions of the gun with 550 paracord but, since I carry 550 cord everywhere else, it didn't seem practical (and I didn't like the look quite frankly). If photos are accepted by High Caliber, I can upload the end result.

    The accuracy is pretty reasonable for a 16.5" barrel but have confined sight-in to a 50 yard benchmark given it will likely be used just for plinking or the, hopefully, rare event when supper must be procured or a nuisance scared off. If your sights stay zeroed, it will shoot consistently. Groupings are dependent on many things with this firearm but I'm getting either side of 1 inch at 50 yards so far.

    The included manual is straightforward with an exploded drawing and parts breakdown. The vendor may have updated revisions on their web site. Most, but not all, screws are metric and some are Allen while others are Torx.

    There are other products in this class such as the Henry if you are comparing. The Double Badger, Springfield M6 and X-Caliber are alternatives but they're really different animals altogether - in feature and price. Anyway, I have other .22 rifles (10/22, Marlin 39A, etc.) but this one has its own niche and makes a good complement to the rest. No regrets at all.

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